Alice Neht

M. Sc.

Research Assistant


Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 1

Raum 411

52074 Aachen


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M. Sc. Economic Geography, minor in Urban Planning, RWTH Aachen University. Master Thesis: “Conversion of former barracks as a model of sustainable energy concepts in real estate development. The case study Mannheim.”

One-year of studies abroad at the University of Salamanca

B. Sc. Geography, minor subjects: Landscape Ecology and Political Science, University of Münster (WWU)



Since 2015 Research Associate at the Institute of Urban and Transport Planning at RWTH Aachen
2014 Assistant Researcher, Department of Geography and Environment, Spatial Economics Research Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science „Prime locations“- global comparison of the development of business districts in cities
2014 Scientific internship at the Department of Sustainable Tourism and Regional Development, German University of Technology in Oman “Role of women in labour market in the post oil economy”, “Influences of the development of the cruise economy on Mattrah”

Current Projects

2020-2022 KlimaSicher- Identification, activation and consulting of companies dealing with climate change adaption
2017-2020 Monitoring of climate impact and adaptation in NRW (KFAM)

Completed Projects

2015-2018 Development of climate adaptation processes for the StädteRegion Aachen (ESKAPE)
2014-2017 BestKlima –Developing, testing and evaluating a management system for the implementation and quality assurance of climate adaptation concepts
2012-2016 Modellstadt 25+ - Lampertheim effizient

Pilot project of regional planning (MORO). Preliminary study: “Vibrant region – active regional development as a future challenge”



Hoenen, S., Neht, A., Ketzler, G., & Witte, A. (2019): User Handbook for the inkasPortal of the StädteRegion Aachen (Data on Project ESKAPE), Aachen.

Ketzler, G., Neht, A.*, & Prenger-Berninghoff, K. (2018). Quo vadis – wenn es in den Städten heiß wird? RaumPlanung, 199(6), 22–28 UB-Link

Prenger-Berninghoff, K., Neht, A., & Witte, A. (2018): Quality Management System for Climate Change Adaptation for the Tri-City Area Bergisches Städtedreieck. In: Filho, W. (Ed.), Handbook of Climate Change Resilience; Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2018, Chapter 56-1; S.1-26;

Leal Filho, W., Echevarria Icaza, L., Neht, A., Klavins, M., & Morgan, E. A. (2018). Coping with the impacts of urban heat islands. A literature based study on understanding urban heat vulnerability and the need for resilience in cities in a global climate change context. Journal of Cleaner Production, 171(Supplement C), 1140–1149.

Neht, A., Maximini, C., & Prenger-Berninghoff, K. (2017). Heat Retreat Locations in Cities – The Survey-Based Location Analysis of Heat Relief. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 95, 52006.

Ketzler, G.; Witte, A.; Sachsen, T.; Falk, D.; Quadflieg, P; Demny, G.; Neht, A.; Hoenen, S. & Schmidt, A. (2017): Initiating Climate Adaptation Processes for the Aachen Agglomeration. Poster presented at the Cities and Climate Conference 19.-21.2017, Potsdam, Germany

Neht, A., Prenger-Berninghoff, K., & Vallée, D. (2017). Implementing Heat· Related Adaptation Measures in the Tri-City Area Bergisches Städtedreieck. In Walter Filho (Ed.), Climate Change Research at Universities. Addressing the Mitigation and Adaptation Challenges (pp. 191–210). Cham: Springer Verlag.

Prenger-Berninghoff, K., Neht, A., & Vallée, D. (2016). Klimaanpassung im Bergischen Städtedreieck. In H. C. Schmitt, R. Danielzyk, S. Greiving, D. Gruehn, X. T. Nguyen, & B. Warner (Eds.), Blaue Reihe: Vol. 147. Raummuster. Struktur - Dynamik - Planung (1st ed., pp. 317–334). Essen: Klartext. UB-Link

Meinerzhagen, Ann Kathrin, Falke, Tobias, Krengel, S., Neht, A., & Witte, A. (2016). Development of a thermal building model for heat and electricity supply optimization in city quarters. In Technische Universität Dresden (Ed.), Proceedings of CESBP / BauSim 2016 (pp. 787–794). Stuttgart: Fraunhofer IRB Verlag. UB-Link


Academic Presentations

"How we can think in blue-green patterns to adapt cities to droughts and floodings – the attempt to come up with instructions for a successful combined heat and heavy rain prevention", Dortmund Conference for Spatial and Planning Research, 17.02.2020 in Dortmund

"Development of a regional climate adaptation process (project presentations ESKAPE)", Dortmund Conference for Spatial and Planning Research, 17.02.2020 in Dortmund (Hoenen, S.; Neht, A.)

"Heat waves and floodings in cities – how combined heat and heavy rain prevention can be designed in the future by the urban land-use planning", German Congress of Geography, 26.09.2019 in Kiel
"The outcomes of the research project ESKAPE", closing event of the research project ESKAPE, 30.01.2019 in Aachen

“Unlimited impact in city regions – dealing with climate impact and the role of a regional management of geodata”, Dortmund conference 2018 on spatial and planning research, 5th February 2018, Dortmund

“Organising climate adaptation – actors and organizational structures”, 2nd ‘Bergisches Klimaforum’, 29th November 2017, Solingen

“United – targeted – geodata management! Framework and challenges of municipal geodata management”, 8th Annual Pegasus Conference 2017 “Buzzwords of mobility research”, 22nd September 2017, Aachen

“Climatic retreat locations - the survey-based location analysis of heat relief'” at the World multidisciplinary Earth Sciences Symposium, 13rd September 2017, Prague

“Fields of application of GIS in different sectors” – event of the German Association of Applied Geography, moderation of the event, 23rd June 2017, Bonn

“The project BestKlima – what has been achieved so far?”, A. Neht, K. Prenger-Berninghoff, Dr. A. Witte, ‘Bergisches Klimaforum’, 27th September 2016, Wuppertal

“Implementing heat-related adaption measures in the tri-city area 'Bergisches Städtedreieck'” at the Symposium “Universities and climate change: the role of higher education institutions in addressing the mitigation and adaption challenges”, 2nd September 2016, Manchester (UK)



Methodology of Planning (coordination since WS 2014/15, supervision of lectures and tutorials in WS 2017/18)

Urban and Regional Planning I (lectures since WS 2017/2018)

Supervision of term papers and final theses (bachelor, master) (supervisor since SS 2015)

Urbanisation and Change Management (Vorlesungen und Übungsbetreuung in WS 2018/2019; in english)

Excursion to Lisbon in cooperation with the Chair of Highway Engineering and the Chair of Railway Engineering and Transport Economics (organization and supervision SS 2018)



German Association of Applied Geography (DVAG), board member 2016-2019, member since 2010

3rd place Best Paper Award at the Symposium “Universities and climate change: The role of higher education institutions in addressing the mitigation and adaptation challenges”, Manchester, UK (1st -2nd September 2016)

Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency Hannover (ZEVA) – consultant since 2016

Extension certificate of the certificate program “Excellence in Academic Teaching”