Preliminary study for web-based mobility consulting in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region

Aims and methods:

Based on “Mobiplaner”, a consulting tool developed for project Mobiplan (1998-2001), project MobiStar aimed to develop a web-based consulting package for individual users as part of the transport management of the Rhine-Main region. For this purpose, the region’s information systems were connected. Above all, the intermodal consulting tool was meant to make each household’s mobility costs transparent in connection with the choice of residence location and transport mode.

As those in a situation of change are particularly willing to take in new information, the consulting tool primarily considered the needs of specific target groups. These groups were people who were moving, people about to retire, employees whose business is moving, youth, and new families.

The main task of the ISB was to analyse users’ demands of the information system via focus groups and to accompany the software development from the users’ point of view. In addition, the ISB was tasked with supervising the project evaluation.

The preliminary study shed light on the requirements regarding technology and content.

Commissioned by:

ivm GmbH (Integriertes Verkehrsmanagement Region Frankfurt Rhein-Main)

Project duration:

August 2006 – October 2006

Project partners:

ptv AG Karlsruhe (project manager)

Institute for Road and Transport Science, University of Stuttgart (Prof. Friedrich)

Contact at the ISB:

Dipl.-Ing. Arming Langweg