Project Analysis Eygelshovener St. Herzogenrath


Commissioned by the city of Herzogenrath and with help of the transport model of the region of Aachen various scenarios of change regarding traffic guidance on Eygelshovener St. are being tested. In order to achieve refinement and updating of the transport model’s incoming data cordon elevation as well as cross section gathering are being conducted in the examination area. The collected data leads to further insights on the area’s originating-, target- and transit traffic.

  Project Analysis Eygelshovener St. Herzogenrath Copyright: © ISB

Project Duration

01/2017 – 05/2017


City of Herzogenrath

Contact Persons

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Vallée

Dr.-Ing. Conny Louen

Teresa Funke M. Sc.

Michael Lembach M. Sc.