Integrated transport model for the Aachen region


International geo-referenced data platform and transport simulation model with an integrated transport database for the Aachen region

Region of interest Copyright: © AVV/ISB 2009


As regional cooperation grows more and more important, a reliable synchronized data basis becomes an indispensable requirement. In many cases, however, the necessary data and other information are restricted in their access and use to different institutions and stakeholders, each using their own differentiation and study areas. Consistency and plausibility are therefore not always given at the regional level.

Aims of the project

Against this background, the ISB and the IVV engineering group from Aachen have been tasked with the development of such a structure and transport data basis as an integrated geographic information system (GIS) with an underlying transport model, thus creating uniform updatable data basis.


Due to the geographic location, the planning region of the transport model extends past the German border and includes the Parkstad Limburg/Southern Limburg in the Netherlands and the German-speaking community in Belgium as well as the area of the AVV linked transport system and parts of the Euskirchen district. In order to calculate the transport demand in the planning region as accurately as possible, a larger area needs to be studied (wider research area) (see map).

Project content and structure

In the first step, the transport model and the data platform are developed. They are subsequently updated at regular intervals (structural data, networks, schedules etc.).

Throughout the entire project duration, regular meetings of the steering committee, which includes the employer and the contractor as well as the municipalities of the planning region, will ensure that all concerned parties are involved in the decision-making process. This will promote communication within the steering committee and ensure the quality of the transport model and the data platform.


StädteRegion Aachen, the Aachen linked transport system (AVV) and the State Enterprise Strassen.NRW

Project management: Dr.-Ing Conny Louen
Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Waldemar Brost; Carina Böhnen, M.Sc.; Reyhaneh Farrokhikhiavi M.A.
Project duration: November 2010 – Dezember 2016