Electromobility Concept for the District of Alzey-Worms


Initial Situation

The district of Alzey-Worms commissioned, in cooperation with the district of Mainz-Bingen and Bad Kreuznach, an integrated climate protection concept aiming at the long-term goal of developing the joint zero-emission region Rheinhessen-Nahe.

The development of this climate protection concept is a great milestone for and contribution to the climate protection of the federal government. In 2015, the district of Alzey-Worms recruited a climate protection commissioner who accelerates the achievement of the goals of the concept and serves as a point of contact in this department.

One sector that is currently undergoing some major changes and focusses more and more on climate protection is the transport sector. Not only the federal government considers electromobility the type of drive of the future and therefore supports it with several funding opportunities. The district of Alzey-Worms wants to join in on this trend with the development of an electromobility concept and, by doing so, approach the goal of being a zero-emission region.

Project Goal

Consequently, the goal of this project is the development of an electromobility concept for the whole district of Alzey-Worms. It should not only include possible potential areas and measures, but also involve various actors as well as citizens with the help of different workshops and a publicity concept. Thereby, ideal preconditions are established which enable the implementation of results and recommendations after the project ends. The project examines and analyzes the sectors of motorized private transport, public transport, bicycle traffic, commercial vehicles and municipal administration.

To ensure a seamless incorporation of the electromobility concept into ongoing processes, it is integrated in the developed climate protection concept.

Project Schedule

The project is divided into the following stages:

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Project Management (ISB)

Dr.-Ing. Conny Louen

Project Assistant

Dipl.-Ing. Alexandra Theißen

Contracting Authority

District of Alzey-Worms


Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure ( BMVI )

Project Duration

May 2017 – probably December 2018