ICT-solution for mobility services and the integrated control of electrically operated fleets considering forecasted utilization of transport networks and means of transport (iMove)


In the project iMove (2017 to 2020), the ISB and partners from science and economy investigate the connection between approaches for the control of electric vehicles and energy grids. The focus of the work at the ISB is on the investigation of the effectiveness of dynamic traffic forecasts for the control of electric vehicles.

Project content ISB

The basis for dynamic traffic forecasts forms the travel demand model of the region of Stuttgart. The model was created with PTV Visum and provided by the “Verband Region Stuttgart”. With the help of the software PTV Optima, the statistic results of the travel demand modelling are combined with dynamic traffic data of local counters as well as Floating-Car-Data to create dynamic forecasts of the travel demand.

Initially, the significance of the dynamic traffic forecasts is examined and assessed in iMove. To do so, the frequent comparison of forecasted demand and dynamically collected traffic load is evaluated. Then, the applicability of the dynamic traffic forecasts serving as a data basis for measures for the control of electric vehicles is investigated. Corresponding management approaches are developed, implemented and evaluated by our project partners.

Project partners

Project partners of the ISB are the chairs for Operations Management and Operations Research of the RWTH Aachen as well as the Hubject Ltd, the TomTom Development Ltd, the Soptim PLC and the Stadtwerke Stuttgart.

Management approaches for electric vehicles are developed by partnering chairs of the RWTH Aachen and tested for their practicality by the partners Hubject und TomTom. Furthermore, both partners from the economy sector contribute data to the project.

The partners Soptim and Stadtwerke Stuttgart contribute with expertise from the field of energy grids and investigate approaches to control charging processes of electric vehicles.


iMove is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affair and Energy in the course of the technology programs „ICT for Electric Mobility III: Integration of commercial electric vehicles in logistic, energy and mobility infrastructures.”

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