Evaluation concept “Business Mobility Management”



südhessen effizient-mobil is a program by the ivm GmbH (Integrated transport and mobility management of the Frankfurt RheinMain region) which aims to help businesses and public employers in the Frankfurt RheinMain region to work out sustainable mobility concepts for their locations. For this purpose, the ivm developed a concept in cooperation with the IHK Darmstadt Rhine Main Neckar which supports businesses in their status analysis, developing measures, assessing effectiveness and potential, and in creating a mobility plan tailored to each business for the employees’ commutes and trips taken during work.

On this basis, companies can additionally be certified as a model business in mobility management. This audit is a two-step process: For the initial certification, the analysis of business mobility and its basic conditions, the derivation of specific aims and suitable measures, and how well the mobility management is incorporated into the business as a lasting process will be assessed. The certificate awarded on this basis is valid for three years. Once the certificate has expired, the implementation of measures will be evaluated for a recertification as the second step auf the audit.

Project structure

The project “Evaluation concept ‘Business Mobility Management’” consists of two work packages.

Work package 1

In order to develop an evaluation methodology – as a basis for a lasting quality management by the participants and particularly for the recertification – suggestions for possible evaluation goals and survey methods are developed based on the collected data.

Work package 2

In WP2, the methods developed in WP1 will be applied to TU Darmstadt by way of example. The newly introduced mobility management measures will be evaluated with a mobility survey of the employees of the university. In 2011, a mobility survey was already conducted among the students of the university.

Aims of the project

In order to monitor the success and for the quality management of the business mobility management, a standardized method of evaluation is required.

The aim is therefore to develop a practical evaluation concept which can also serve as the basis of the recertification. This includes an in-depth examination of the knowledge goals that were set and of the length and complexity of an evaluation survey. The evaluation concept also indicates the necessary way of handling the evaluation, such as necessary significance tests. As an example, the conceptual survey will be illustrated by being applied to TU Darmstadt.

Project partners

Ivm GmbH (Frankfurt am Main)
TU Darmstadt

Project duration

Since December 2014

Contact at the ISB

Dr.-Ing. Conny Louen
Michael Boßhammer, M.A.