Urban and regional planning


The research area urban and regional planning covers a wide range of topics concerning the spatial, transportational, structural, infrastructural, and organisational design of cities and regions. Research in this field aims for a sustainable development of cities, regions, and transport, i.e. for an economical use of financial and environmental resources and to avoid load on energy resources and the environment as well as negative impact on people.

In addition to the general basics of urban and regional planning (regional plans, land-use plans, town planning drafts, street space design etc.), the ISB especially focuses on the following topics:

  • Climate change
    • Spatial development strategies for climate change
    • Strategies and measures for adapting cities and regions to climate effects
    • Adaption measures for “critical infrastructures”
    • Water-sensitive urban development
    • Climate change governance
  • Demographic and structural change
    • Regional public services
    • Future mobility, energy supply and urban quarter planning
    • Interdependence of settlement development and mobility
    • Cities of the future, Smart Cities
    • Space management and redevelopment of land no longer in use (brownfields, wasteland)

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Completed and current projects:

Regional public services action program – “Together for the Northern Eifel”

BESTKLIMA – Developing, testing, and evaluating a management system for the implementation and quality assurance of concepts

klimAix – Climate-appropriate commercial area development in the StädteRegion Aachen

Climate protection concept “Adaption” for the cities of Solingen and Remscheid

Model town 25+ - Lampertheim efficient

Model project of spatial planning – Spatial development strategies for climate change

Spatial and specialist planning options for the adaption of settlement and infrastructures to climate change – The demands of spatial environmental planning and strategies for the further development of planning practice

RISA Infrastructure adaption to rainfall – Hamburg

KLAS – Climate adaption strategy for extreme rainfall events (Bremen)

Water-sensitive urban development – Measures for a sustainable adaption of regional water management to climate developments and extreme weather events

Potential of local public transport during an “urban renaissance”

Urban turn – U-Turn

Requirements calculation for the depiction of General Settlement Areas (GSA) and Commercial and Industrial Settlement Areas (CISA) in regional plans

New tools for the increase of brownfield recycling – Regional portfolio management