Mobility management


The ISB understands mobility management as the initiation, organization, and communication of sustainable mobility options in order to influence transport demand and the choice of the modes of transport. Mobility management can be used for a city, region, a particular location or particular target groups. The ISB has been involved in a number of significant EU projects for the development of this approach. In this field, the ISB was involved in or is currently working on the following projects:

  • Contributing to the further development of the mobility management approach
  • Accompanying research on the introduction and advancement of intermodal service provisions (e.g. mobility centers)
  • Surveying and evaluating the development of the state of affairs in Germany, Europe, and the USA
  • Impact assessment for mobility management approaches

Contact at the ISB:

Completed and current projects:

  • Potential and possibilities for linking web-based carpooling networks for regular journeys (commuters)
  • Action program Mobility Management – Developing an evaluation tool and conducting a program evaluation
  • Mobility package for new inhabitants of Aachen
  • Dialogue marketing for new inhabitants
  • Mobility management in urban planning
  • Auto Emoción: Learning from cars – Emotional marketing for local public transport
  • FreiMove: Approaches of mobility management and development for large recreational facilities
  • MOST: Mobility Management Strategies for the Next Decades
  • MOSAIC: Mobility Strategy Applications in the Community