Transport modelling


In order to support political decisions, traffic modelling is concerned with the depiction traffic events. By simulating transport demand and traffic loads, traffic models constitute the basis for various measure analyses.

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Completed and current projects:

  • International geo-referenced data platform and transport simulation model with an integrated transport database for the Aachen region
  • Updating the transport model and calculating two prognosis [Netzfälle] as part of the project “RoCK – Regions of Connected Knowledge”
  • Transport model of cross-border transport in the AVV region/Limburg province – as part of the INTERREG-IV-B project project “RoCK – Regions of Connected Knowledge”
  • Support in the re-assessment of project “Via Avantis” (formerly project no. 14022) as part of the Integrated Holistic Transport Planning (IGVP) of the state of NRW
  • Choice of destination model based on subjective knowledge of the area
  • ILUMASS: Integrated Land-Use Modelling and Transportation Simulation System – Microscopic modelling of location (choice) behavior, transport demand, transport flow, and the resulting transport effects
  • Leverkusen transport development plan
  • Research association for transport simulation and environmental impacts (NRW-FVU)
  • Verifying the model concept DRUM for Dynamic Route Searches and Diversion