Methodology of Planning



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The course Methodology of Planning conveys the basics of sizing, operating and modeling in the field of spatial and transport planning. The three chairs of the group “Transport and Spatial Planning” jointly offer and supervise this course.

The Chair of Urban and Transport Planning covers the theoretical basis of spatial development, the interplay of spatial and transport development and the social, economic, and environmental effects of settlements, transport infrastructure, and traffic flow. This entails knowledge of the theoretical and practical foundations of urban development, urban planning, and development planning, including the legal basis, procedures and planning processes at the federal, federal state, urban and regional level. The basics of planning processes are taught as well as the sizing groundwork for urban planning, social and technological infrastructure planning, impact analysis, and risk assessment. In the tutorial, students independently deepen their understanding of the methodological basics of assessing spatial demand (spaces, flats, infrastructure facilities …), of analyzing the impact of anthropogenic use of space, and of model-based simulations of spatial structures and their changes. The requirements, interdependencies and effects of possible courses of action for urban, regional and spatial planning and urban regeneration are described. This requires an examination of the fundamentals of planning and building laws and of historical and economical boundary conditions.


Teaching Aims

Basic understanding of the structure of planning systems (spatial and transport) in German

Basic knowledge of planning processes

Basic/exemplary methodological knowledge of the following topics within spatial planning and transport infrastructure:

  • Methods of forecasting
  • Demand forecasting
  • Sizing transport and urban infrastructure
  • Traffic flow simulation
  • Impact simulation
  • Evaluation methods

Exam Information

The exam for the course Planning Methodology is an e-exam. Further information is provided in class.

In order to take the exam, students are required to register via CampusOffice by a set deadline. This registration is not identical with the registration for the course and must be carried out in addition to the course registration.


Further information about the lecture, the exercise and the exam can be found in RWTHonline.