Urban and Regional Planning I



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The course Urban and Regional Planning I covers the fundamentals of planning at the local and regional level.

The lecture Urban and Regional Planning I conveys knowledge on the practical basics of urban development, urban planning and infrastructure provision. The legal basis, procedures, and planning processes of planning at the federal, federal state, urban and regional level are discussed. The lecture furthermore covers the basics of planning processes and local administration structures, contents of spatial plans (especially those of preparatory land-use plans and binding land-use plans), the basics of landscape and green structure plans (ecological interests, environmental assessment), explanations on building permissions, and the contents of building applications. The lecture conveys the basic methods of planning and explains their practical application.

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After participating in the course "Urban and Regional Planning I", the students should be able to understand the basic approach and process of urban planning and to develop a sensitivity for current urban planning problems. The aim is to understand spatial concepts and processes of urban and regional development and to examine them in particular from economic, ecological, social, infrastructural and technical points of view.



The course consists of a lecture, which will take place in presence this semester, as well as individual exercises, which are available as online videos at the respective dates and serve to deepen the contents of the lecture. Due to a restructuring of the course, in contrast to previous semesters there will no longer be a design exercise in small groups! This means that there is no longer a requirement to provide preliminary work as a prerequisite for admission to the exam.

Following the exercise dates, the participants will be able to take an e-test in Moodle to deepen what they have learned so far and to check their own learning status on the respective exercise topic.


Teaching Aims

Having completed the tutorial and the lecture “Urban and Regional Planning I”, students should:

  • be able to understand the planning system of the Federal Republic of Germany and put it into the European context,
  • be able to understand and use the basic methods, procedures and tools of spatial planning,
  • master the planning procedure, steps and tools of urban land-use planning,
  • be able to evaluate urban planning qualities.

Further information about the lecture, the exercise and the exam can be found in RWTHonline.