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The lecture “Public Administration and Law” deals with the legal framework and the tasks of administration in a modern constitutional democracy. The lecture covers the constitutional basis of administrative action and the concrete legal form it takes. It addresses the constitution’s conception of humanity and state as well the consequences of these conceptions for how politics and administration should deal with citizens, particularly “Wutbürger” (enraged citizens). The legal form of administrative action is illustrated both on an abstract level and by using examples from everyday administration, such as the procedure of creating a development plan, attaining a building permit, and receiving planning approval. The different kinds of deals between administration and private parties are introduced, as is citizens’ legal protection against administrative action.


Teaching Aims

The students are taught the basics of the legal framework of administrative action. This lecture aims at helping them understand why national planning in particular raises complex legal questions and how to deal with these in practice. Students thus gain an overview of what administration can do and what its limits within a modern constitutional democracy are.


Exam Information

The “Law and Administration” exam is either a written or an oral exam. Further information is provided during the lecture.

In order to take the exam, students are required to register via CampusOffice by a set deadline. This registration is not identical with the registration for the course and must be carried out in addition to the course registration.


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