Organization and Transport System Management of Local Public Transport



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The course is concerned with local public transport (ÖPNV) in Germany. In order to describe the existing conditions, the course first of all covers the legal regulations of ÖPNV at the level of the European Union, the federal level, and the federal state level as well as the stakeholders involved in ÖPNV planning and what their roles are within the planning process. Within this context, the course also touches upon aspects of ÖPNV financing, which are covered in more detail in the course Financing of Transport Infrastructure and Operation. Subsequently, demand for ÖPNV offers will be analyzed to see which conclusions can be derived regarding how to size and plan ÖPNV supply accordingly. The planning phase is then given concrete shape and concluded by an introduction to operation planning and resource-use planning. The operation of the planned supply is viewed from the perspective of customers, i.e. those whose demands need to be met. The lecture goes into detail about the resulting demands for passenger information and operation control particularly during problems or incidents. Finally, the role of ÖPNV within the concepts of transport system management and mobility management is analyzed. (Both concepts are covered in depth in the course Transport Planning II.)


Teaching Aims

The lecture primarily aims at conveying the following skills and knowledge to the students:

  • Knowledge of the legal and organizational conditions of ÖPNV planning and an understanding of the consequences thereof for supply and operation
  • Knowledge of ÖPNV-related aspects of transport demand and the ability to draw conclusions regarding the size and shape of the ÖPNV supply
  • Knowledge of the mechanisms and parameters of operation and resource-use planning and the ability to conduct their own basic planning independently
  • Knowledge of the characteristics and problems of ÖPNV operation and the ability to solve simple problems on their own
  • Knowledge of the function of ÖPNV within transport system management and mobility management

Exam Information

The “Organization and Transport System Management of Local Public Transport” exam is a written exam.

In order to take the exam, students are required to register via CampusOffice by a set deadline. This registration is not identical with the registration for the course and must be carried out in addition to the course registration.


Further information about the lecture, the exercise and the exam can be found in RWTHonline.