Seminar Urban and Transport Planning


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For this seminars, students are required to give a concise presentation of the current state of knowledge on given topics. Supervised and supported by the staff of the chair, students have to research and process relevant material independently. Students hand in a written report and present their findings in class. Each participant additionally moderates the presentation of another student.

Students both practice working scientifically and writing reports by treating the topic in writing and practice giving talks and speeches by presenting and discussing their findings in class.

The seminar Urban and Transport Planning lasts one semester and must be taken by all students with a specialization on Urban and Transport Planning. The seminar requires active participation and attendance, which is checked by an attendance list. The introductory courses “Introduction to Scientific Work” and “How to Give a Good Presentation” must be taken by the presenters in the same semester.


Teaching Aims

  • Training how to write a report
  • Conveying methods of scientific work
  • Improvement of presentation skills
  • Moderating a discussion

Exam Information

Both the written report and the presentation are reflected by the grade.

In order to take the exam, students are required to register via CampusOffice by a set deadline. This registration is not identical with the registration for the course and must be carried out in addition to the course registration.


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