General Information


The Chair of Urban and Transport Planning offers a range of courses in the following Bachelor and Master programs: Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering (specialisation in construction), Mobility and Transport, Environmental Engineering, Applied Geography, and Economic Geography.

This page will provide answers to general questions about your studies. However, not all questions and problems can be solved here. For more information, check the website of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

For an overview, also check the following pages: Courses of the Chair, Information on Exams, and Papers and Final Theses. These pages will provide you with further information about classes at the Institute of Urban and Transport Planning, for example the annual Whitsun field trip. 



How can I prepare for exams?

In the lectures, old solutions to tasks from old exams will be demonstrated. Information on the structure of  the exam will also be provided. Old exams, however, will not be handed out. Additionally, there will be weekly e-tests on the L2P website. We  currently work on an extension of the range of e-learning exercises.

Where can I find research topics for papers, Bachelor and Master theses?

In general, we are willing to be responsive to students’ own ideas and develop theses together. Of course, we offer support to limit and specify a topic according to your needs. It should therefore be sufficient to have a rough idea for your field of interest.

Will there be an iterating exam in each semester?

Not necessarily. Sometimes, there are iterating exams in the same semester (but in that case not in the following semester!). Please take a close look at the appointed days of the exams. If you fail the main exam, you will be registered for the iterating exam automatically. It has occurred frequently before that students missed the second date due to ignorance.

Why are some exam dates set so inconveniently (only one day apart)? Why are they not being organized centrally?

There is only a limited possibility to construct an ideal exam schedule that fits all students’ needs. Therefore, it will always be the case that some exams take place in short temporal distance. This is especially true for courses that are attended by students of various study programs. It is therefore recommended to start with the revision of lectures and tutorials already during the semester.

I forgot to register for exams on time. What can I do?

Unfortunately (almost) nothing. It is impossible to register for an exam after the official register period has ended, so that you will lose at least one semester (if there is a date for an iterating exam in the following semester). Only if there are sufficient reasons for your omission, it is in some individual cases possible to hand in an application to the examination board that can approve of subsequent registration. However, the chances of success are rather low. Please be mindful of the stated register periods!