In cooperation with the Chair of Highway Engineering and the Chair of Railway Engineering and Transport Economics, the Chair of Urban Planning and Transport offers an annual field trip of several days’ duration during Whitsun break.

Information regarding the destination of the excursion is put up in due time on the Chairs’ notice boards and in the L²P rooms of the respective classes. 

2019 Belgien und Niederlande
2018 Portugal
2017 Pfingstexkursion der Verkehrslehrstühle 2017: 6.6.-10.6. Vienna
2016 Kopenhagen / Malmö (Denmark)
2015 Schweiz
2014 Leipzig/Dresden
2013 Berlin
2012 Hamburg
2011 South of France
2010 Vienna
2009 Leipzig
2008 Stuttgart
2007 Hamburg
2006 Switzerland, Basel and Bern
2005 Berlin
2004 Delft, Rotterdam and London