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The Department for Urban and Transport Planning (ISB) works both in fundamental theoretical research and in applied research and additionally offers consultations in politics, management, and businesses. Research covers all aspects of influencing and controlling urban, regional and transportation planning – from the international to the federal and regional levels as well as down to individual citizens and companies.

The ISB focuses on mobility research and management, urban planning, transport modelling and controlling in urban and regional environments, and urban and regional planning (specializing in adaptation strategies for demographic change and climate change).

We’re available for scientific presentations. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for further information.

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Urban Development and Climate Change

The research group "Urban Development and Climate Change" deals with the impact of climate change and other challenges for urban planning and development. In addition to the topics of vulnerability, climate protection and climate adaptation, future housing is also one of the focal points. Our projects focus in particular on the following topics:

• Climate adaptation strategies, adaptation processes for cities and companies
• Development and evaluation of measures in the context of climate change, monitoring of climate change adaptation
• Development of checklists and guidelines (e.g. checklist for land use planning, vulnerability check for companies)
• Vulnerability analysis (geo data analysis)
• Choice of residential location


current projects in "Urban Development and Climate Change"

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Urban Transport Planning

The research group "Urban Transport Planning" deals with the development of sustainable urban transport concepts and their impact on urban transportation. This covers individual modes and mobility services and their properties as well as links and interactions between them. Our topics include planning from a social or systemic point of view as well as user needs or operational requirements. Our projects focus in particular on the following topics:

• Sustainable mobility concepts
• Parking
• Street space allocation to different uses
• Mobility Management


current projects in "Urban Transport Planning"

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Smart Vehicle Mobility

The research group "Smart Vehicle Mobility" investigate the link between technical innovations in vehicles or infrastructures and the transport system. This involves both the impact on transport and traffic as well as the development of sustainable mobility concepts. The work includes individual and public passenger transport as well as commercial transport and focuses in particular on the following topics:

Electromobility and charging infrastructure
Vehicle automations
Drones and similar aircraft
New logistic concepts


current projects in "Smart Vehicle Mobility"

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