Science Day 22 : built and lived environment - towards a sustainable, livable, urban, and regional future : Pop-Up Campus in Aachen on 30 June 2022 : urban health solutions, carbon sink solutions & materials, built-as-resource solutions, climate change adaptation, agile infrastructure solutions : book of abstracts

Lohrberg, Frank (Contributor); Kuhnimhof, Tobias Georg (Contributor); Förster, Agnes (Editor); Chang, Robin (Editor); Schweiker, Marcel (Contributor); Förster, Agnes (Contributor); Münderlein, Daniel Heinrich (Contributor); Schulte, Helena (Contributor); Matschei, Thomas (Contributor); Vollpracht, Anya (Contributor); Neugebauer, Carola Silvia (Contributor); Reicher, Christa (Contributor); Wintgens, Thomas Josef (Contributor); Kemper, Frank (Contributor); Witte, Andreas (Contributor); Böschen, Stefan Karl Josef (Contributor); Löwenkamp, Claudia (Illustrator)

Aachen : Built and Lived Environment (BLE) (2022)


  • Growth Area Built and Lived Environment (BLE) [080076]
  • Chair of Planning Theory and Urban Development [212110]
  • Chair of Urban Design and Institute for Urban Design and European Urbanism [212410]
  • Chair of Landscape Architecture [214110]
  • Junior Professorship for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage [215130]
  • Construction Materials and Structural Materials Teaching and Research Area [311120]
  • Junior Professorship of Environmentally-Friendly Building Materials [312530]
  • Chair and Institute of Urban and Transport Planning [313310]
  • Institute of Environmental Engineering [314110]
  • Chair of Society and Technology [751010]



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