Mobility research


The ISB researches the causes and possible explanations for people’s mobility behavior and looks for starting points to conceive ways of influencing traffic behaviors in order to ensure a sustainable development.

Among others, the ISB does research on the following questions:

  • How does mobility come into being? What are the effects of mobility?
  • How can mobility be described and predicted?
  • Which structures influence the space-time behavior of people and households?
  • How are lifestyles connected to mobility styles?
  • How can mobility be influenced?

The fundamental principles researched in this field of study provide input for the fields of Strategic Transport Planning and Mobility Management, which the ISB also researches.

Contact at the ISB:

Completed and current projects:

  • ForuM: Research evaluation of urban mobility
  • Updating and modifying the mobility survey of the Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environmental Agency) from 2006
  • The future of transport in metropolitan areas
  • Mobility demands of children and adolescents in transport and building law
  • Determining multimodal groups of people
  • StadtLeben – Integrated examination of lifestyles, housing environments, and space-time structures for the sustainable development of mobility and cities
  • TeamMobility: Pupils’ mobility – Survey, modelling, and developing measures
  • MOBIPLAN: Unterstanding and planning your own mobility – Longterm choices and their impact on everyday mobility