Fast-charging network for axes and metropolises

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports the development of a national fast-charging network. A swift construction of a nationwide network of charging station is paramount to smoothly supply electric vehicles with energy. Charging the 80% of battery capacity in less than half an hour using fast charging stations will contribute significantly to the growing attractiveness of electric mobility. “SLAM – Fast-charging network for axes and metropolises” is a major project started in April 2014 in cooperation with businesses and scientists in order to promote the development of a fast charging infrastructure in Germany.

BMWi supports the project SLAM with almost 20,6 million Euros. The tasks of this project include the development of operator and business models for rapid charging, work out on criteria for optimal locations and setting up a research charging network. The findings will promptly be provided to SLAM partners and investors in order to optimize the location and operation of the fast charging stations.


Project SLAM aims is to facilitate the installation of a fast charging network in Germany. To do so in a sustainable, holistic and the best possible way requires the completion of a number of tasks and intermediate goals, in particular the following:

  • Identification and analysis of the criteria for an ideal location
  • Implementing a simulation tool to determine locations for fast charging stations
  • Development of sustainable business and provider models taking economic aspects into account
  • Setting up a research charging network sponsored by private investors
  • Conducting user studies using the research network
  • Standardising data transfer interfaces and billing systems
  • Developing a universal multi-standard system in order to ensure the compatibility of different vehicles and charging stations
  • Investigating the impact of the fast charging network on the German electricity grid

Project management: Dipl.-Ing. Waldemar Brost, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Vallée
Contact: Teresa Funke M.Sc., Abdolmatin Shirmohammadli M.Sc.
Sponsor: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
Project duration: January 2014 – Februar 2019



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Press release
7 April 2014: Startsignal für flächendeckendes Schnellladenetz in Deutschland (in German)

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Publication of Model STELLA
Brost, W.; Funke, T.; Vallée, D.: SLAM - Schnellladenetz für Achsen und Metropolen. In: DVWG Jahresverkehrskongress 2016: Elektromobilität - aktuelle Chancen und Risiken der Umsetzung, Kongress im Rahmen der Jahrestagung 2016 der DVWG, Mai 2016 in München. Berlin, 2016
Link: SLAM - Schnellladenetz für Achsen und Metropolen (Paper und Poster)

Publications of SLAM-Webtool
Shirmohammadli, A.; Vallée, D.: Developing a Location Model for Fast Charging Infrastructure on Major Highways, International Conference on Traffic and Transport Engineering, ICTTE, 24.-25.11.2016, Belgrade, Serbia. Conference Proceeding, ISBN 978-86-916153-3-8 (905-917)

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