Creating a charging infrastructure adapted to traffic streams in the metropolitan area of Hamburg

In order to make it easier for commuters, commercial transport, and special fleets to switch to electric vehicles, charging infrastructure (CI) needs to be set up and expanded. Project HansE aims to systematically create a need-based CI in the metropolitan area of Hamburg (MAH) with a target of 50 conveniently located charging stations. While the development of CI has been a high priority in the City of Hamburg, there has so far been no push for joint action to set up need-based CI in the MAH.

In addition to taking trip patterns into account, project HansE also aims to make sure to create a continuous network of charging locations based on the current range of electric vehicles in order to render electric mobility in the MAH possible. To do so, it is necessary to check to what extent the accessibility concept for the charging stations can be adapted to the current standards of the City of Hamburg. Valuable practical experience with the CI in the City of Hamburg might also be applicable to the surrounding area.

For project HansE, the ISB is developing a scalable location model as a basis for a master plan for the further regional expansion of the charging infrastructure. We are working towards the following objectives:

  • Developing and applying suitable empirical methods and simulation tools for the need-based positioning of regular and fast charging infrastructures
  • Determining and quantifying demand for infrastructure regarding commuter traffic, commercial transport, and fleets in the MAH taking into account junctions, traffic flow, existing charging infrastructure, user studies, electric vehicle density, future electric vehicle fleets, and mobility concepts
  • Developing interactive maps for selected locations based on projections and simulations aiming to:
    • Assess the potential of future charging infrastructure locations regionally
    • Identify transport corridors that facilitate the positioning of charging infrastructure

Project duration
March 2015 – December 2017

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI)

Project partners
E.ON Technologies GmbH
Landkreis Harburg
Metropolregion Hamburg
RWTH Aachen University

Project management:
Dr.-Ing. Conny Louen (parental leave)
Dipl.-Ing. Waldemar Brost

Contacts at the ISB:
Dipl.-Ing. Alexandra Theißen
Teresa Funke M.Sc.

Further information