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The project "eMIND" is part of the funding program "Sofortprogramm Saubere Luft 2017 bis 2020" of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affa and Energy. Within the project, the Institute of Urban and Transport Planning (ISB), the Human-Computer Interaction Center (HCIC) and the Institute of High Voltage Equipement and Grids, Digitalization and Power Economics (IAEW) cooperate as representatives of the RWTH Aachen University with the municipality of Düren as well as its subcontractors the municipal business development company “WIN.DN GmbH” and the network operator “Leitungspartner GmbH”. The scientific institutes take on the accompanying research, whereas the municipality of Düren and its partners are responsible for the establishment of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and the development of a municipal energy portal in Düren.

  trend of the annual dioxide mean values Copyright: © Umweltbundesamt 2018, LANUV 2018  

Currently, the city of Düren has the second highest nitrogen dioxide pollution in NRW with a measured value of 58 μg/m3 at the measuring station at the Euskirchener Street, exceeding the limiting value of 40 μg/m3 significantly. The municipality Düren would like to counteract this exceedance of limiting values resolutely, not only to prevent the imminent driving ban. Hence, the aim of the joint project is the significant and sustainable reduction of the nitrogen dioxide pollution in the city of Düren by supporting the ramp-up management of electro mobility. In addition to other measures of the Green City Plan, the electrification of motorized private transport is an important component for the reduction of the nitrogen dioxide pollution in the urban area. Therefore, the project aims at, among other things, increasing the acceptance of the replacement of conventional vehicles with electric vehicles among corporate fleets as well as private users. To achieve these goals, a semi-public charging infrastructure is established in the city of Düren as part of the project. Furthermore, charging and service offerings are being examined in order to ensure a customer-oriented supply of infrastructure. With an extensive output of charging infrastructure, the additional utilization of the electricity grids must be taken into consideration. Consequently, another goal is the automation of network connection examinations of charging infrastructure by investigating potential constraints and identifying cost-effective locations for grid connections (municipal energy portal). With the digitalization of these connection examinations, the project makes a substantial contribution to the decrease of network constraints.

In addition to supporting the city of Düren with the choice of locations for charging infrastructure based on the site selection model for charging infrastructure (STELLA), ISB is mainly responsible for investigating the questions which level of substitution of conventional vehicles with electric vehicles can be achieved in the city of Düren and which potential there is to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions by systematically promoting electro mobility.

The main focus of HCIC within the project eMIND is on answering the following research questions: which constraints can occur for different user groups due to charging infrastructure obstacles, and which charging and service offerings can provide an added value for the acceptance among the individual user groups?

IAEW focusses on methods of load management for charging infrastructure that can improve the integration potential of charging infrastructure taking into consideration different availabilities of information and measurements. Furthermore, the institute examines the effects of these methods on the load on the power grids.

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Project Manager: Prof. Tobias Kuhnimhof
Contact: Fabian Kühnel M. Sc.
Funding Authority : Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK)
Time Period : 08.2018 – 12.2023

Project Consortium

Stadt Düren
HCIC RWTH Aachen University
IAEW RWTH Aachen University

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Poster, Flyer and Paper

Eickels, T., Kühnel, F., Theißen, A., Brost, W., 2020.
Methodology for Estimating the NOx Saving Potential by Building Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility.
8th Transport Research Arena TRA 2020, April 2020, Helsinki, Finland

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